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Therapy session

Personal Services

My goal is to help you increase the quality of your life. My work focuses on helping you enhance your resources and address particular problems allowing you to achieve your goals with practical, effective, science-based techniques. 


Psychological assessments for personal purposes to identify your unique talents and  potential through validated psychometric tests and transformational  conversations. 


Identify and  maximise your true potential through an empowering self-transforming journey that will allow you to overcome your deepest insecurities and achieve the life you truly deserve.

Career Guidance

An ultimate strategic guidance and psychological support to help you choose your career path with confidence, authenticity and excitement. 


Exploration of your core values, drives, passions and motivators to identify your true purpose and experience authenticity,  fulfillment and success in your everyday life. 


Create healthy meaningful relationships by first, identifying the root causes behind your struggle in certain relationships and second, by learnign to approach them with confidence and self-respect. 


I work with people with anxiety, panic attacks, emotional difficulties, relationships issues and existential crisis with an integrative approach.

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