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My Approach in

7 Steps

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You know someone is right for you when you feel heard and understood but also challenged and empowered to grow, when you trust they have the resources to help you with your unique needs and priorities. 

My Story 

A sequence of past events shaped my character and view on life. I experienced panic attacks at a very young age and developed a fear of abandonment. That marked the beginning of a battle against anxiety and depression. I often gave others the power to dictate my worthiness and was easily overwhelmed by negative emotions. I changed plans, cities, relationships; all in my pursuit of happiness. I thought life was treating me unfairly; I was hopeless and directionless. It felt as if I didn't have a choice. But I did. 

I embarked on a self-discovery journey, where I found many answers; I realised I had all the power and resources to create my own destiny and turned my life upside down. I re-programmed my brain to shift negative thoughts into positive ones and engaged in healthier behaviours. I came to appreciate all emotions are equally valid; that failures are inevitable to redirect ourselves toward improvement and mastery of ourselves.

By applying the knowledge I had gathered, I redirected myself to focus on working towards who I wanted to be, rather than who I was. I understood that nobody but myself was responsible for my own fulfilment and learnt how to feel whole and

happy on my own. Most importantly, I empowered myself to turn what I used to see

as my weaknesses into my greatest strengths and, step by step, transformed my reality. 


Things didn’t change because I suddenly got lucky. They did because I decided they were going to change and had the knowledge and tools to alter my reality and my perception. I am here to share this knowledge with you and help you apply it in a

way that allows you to see and unleash your true potential.

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Qualifications & Certificates

Therapy session

Bachelor of 


University of Miami

Double Degree with Honours in

Psychology and in Advertising

2009 - 2013

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