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Life is NOW

And so is the time 

to be happy

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Dr. in Psychology & ICF Mental Coach 

I'm a Dr. in Psychology and an ICF Executive Coach . I have years of experience helping individuals and businesses across the globe to find their purpose and maximise their potential. I believe everyone has a unique vision of happiness and success; my goal is offer you science-based techniques with innovative coaching strategies to achieve real-practical changes and growth...

''We are truly fulfilled when we can purposefully express who we are in what we do. And that requires a fair amount of awareness, courage and authenticity.'' 

Private Clients
''Sara really has a way of lighting up the dark areas of life that you can't see. It has made a huge difference in my everyday routine and it helped me to reassess my life situation, so that I could finally get organised and plan to achieve the goals I set for myself, without laziness and without distractions.

Magela Pons, influencer,  Miami

Business Clients
“Implementing Sara’s talent assessment and professional development programs has led to a remarkable shift in our company culture and productivity. As a result, we've seen a significant decrease in turnover rates, while productivity and performance have soared. Talent assessment and professional development have become pillars of our success, driving innovation and engagement while ensuring sustained growth in the long term”

Vesto Pazzo Reggio Emilia

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Via Tavernola 13, 6949 Comano, Swizterland - Online Worldwide  |  Tel: +393427669770

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